Danorlan Park

Sketchbook art

This marks the 5th and last sketch of this series. I will be doing more in future, but In the meantime It will be back to painting for a while. Hope you enjoyed the first lot of Drawings. And if you have any ideas for future ones and would like to share them. Leave me a comment šŸ™‚

My Sketch of Bedgebury


Yes! Finished it today. I am very pleased with it. Again feel free to use the photograph I posted of this scene yesterday to create your own version. Please share it with me if you do, I would love to see what you all come up with! This is the first of a Sketch book series that Iā€™m doing. I am using a mixture of water soluble and regular graphite sketch pencils. Please feel free to leave comments or questions. Let me know what you think! šŸ˜Š